# moment! - Initiative für emanzipatorische Bildung

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Workshop Theater of the Opressed

Opening, moving, overcoming borders

Time: Friday, 23rd of February 2018, 5pm to 9pm
Saturday, 24th and Sunday, 25th of February 2018, 10am bis 7pm
Place: Cologne (the exact venue will be announced ahead of the workshop)
Facilitators: Hannah Wolf und Till Kühnhausen

Organizers: moment! Intitiative für emanzipatorische Bildung and transformativ action

Borders are being constructed, abolished, newly drawn and again broken. We profit from borders and we abut against them. Borders appear in various ways and can be felt differently by each of us. And, they are pervasive in our society.

People are being excluded for not having the "right" passport, marginalized when they cannot afford the high rents in the city centres, and disregarded when they do not match the pretended "Leitkultur" or status quo. Racist, sexist and homophobic statements have become socially acceptable and de-limit the social discourse. State surveillance and data collection are open-ended while nations wall, fence and defend their borders with military force. The economy pursues its dogma of unlimted growth and companies propagate the borderless flow of goods. At the same time, environment and climate urge us to respect their natural boundaries.

But, at every border there are people who resist, who join to overcome them and live alternatives. The Theatre of the Oppressed, developed by Augusto Boal, offers us ways to deal with these borders not just in a cognitive manner but to feel their effect on us and others and to experience alternatives. During one weekend we would like to examine, open and move different borders with you.

And we wish to reach out to others. After the weekend we would like to invite people to form a group with us and to eventually perform in a public space.

We can hold the workshop in German and English when needed. We would like to invite everybody who deals with different kinds of borders. We especially invite people who recently came to live in Germany!


There is no workshop fee, but we ask for contributions to cover the rent and other expenses. However, if you cannot afford a contribution you are still explicitly invited!


In order to prepare for the workshop and be able to plan, we ask you to register by Mail (tdu@mo-ment.info) before January 31, 2018. The workshop should not exceed the number of 20 people.